Restraining & Protective Orders

Restraining & Protective Orders
Contested Family Law Matters: 

Preventative & Protective Family Law Issues: 
• Post-Marital Agreements
• Cohabitation Agreements
• Custody Agreements

Family Creation:
• Gestational Agreements
• Surrogacy Agreements
• Step-Parent Adoption

San Antonio's Protective & Restraining Order Professionals

At the Law Office of Perkins and Janis we understand that those that require emergency protection also feel threatened by the legal process. Protective Orders are a special area of the law and only apply in certain situations; restraining orders are also available and those have different rules. Our law office will take the time to answer all your questions in a clear and straightforward way. We want you to understand all your options in acquiring the form of protection that is right for you. However, the Law Office of Perkins and Janis won’t stop there, we will work with the courts to ensure that you feel safe and secure. 

If you have found yourself in a relationship in which you or your children are the victims of family violence, call the Law Office of Perkins and Janis. We will use our experience to do everything in our power to help you obtain court orders to stop physical, financial, and emotional abuse. Once the court has issued a protective or restraining order on your behalf, any violation of its conditions may result in civil or criminal penalties. 

What Are Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders ?

Restraining Orders in San Antonio, TX

Restraining orders and orders of protection are typically used in different situations. An order of protection is usually used to prevent violent behavior or harassment. Some orders of protection will allow some contact, while others will allow no contact, depending on the situation. You can request an order of protection through both criminal and family court. Restraining orders differ from orders of protection in the fact that they are usually used to prevent someone from taking some sort of action. For example, requesting that marital property not be sold during a divorce until a hearing where both parties are present. Restraining orders are commonly used during divorces. However, restraining orders can sometimes also be used to protect someone in cases of violence and abuse. The Law Office of Perkins & Janis can guide you through the process of filing for both an order of protection or a restraining order. 

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