Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney
Contested Family Law Matters: 

Preventative & Protective Family Law Issues: 
• Post-Marital Agreements
• Cohabitation Agreements
• Custody Agreements

Family Creation:
• Gestational Agreements
• Surrogacy Agreements
• Step-Parent Adoption

Rely On Perkins & Janis To Handle Contested Family Law Matters

No matter the nature of your familial dispute, it is important to contact a trained and experienced attorney to represent your legal interests. Whether you would like to obtain a restraining order or file for divorce, you should not go through the process alone. Without the proper legal representation, you may risk being dealt unfair results or having access to your children limited. 

At the Law Office of Perkins & Janis, we staff a team of qualified professionals to handle contested family law cases. Schedule a consultation with us today. Our skilled attorneys will be able to develop the right legal strategy to achieve positive courtroom results.
Family Law Attorney in San Antonio, TX

Learn More About This Diverse Area of the Law

Divorce is commonly defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. If you seek a divorce, you can rely on our team to oversee the process and ensure that you receive the proper division of assets and conservatorship rights to your children. 

We are equipped to handle matters of legal custody, physical custody, and visitation rights with respect to your children. We understand that custody disputes can prove to be quite emotional, so we will handle your dispute with the proper attention and sensitivity. 

If child support or spousal support payments are not being made as ordered, our law office can help you enforce court orders so that you receive the balance owed. 

Our firm can help you navigate your interaction with CPS, and ensure that your rights are protected. Whether you are dealing with a CPS investigation, a family-based case, or a legal case, we can be instrumental in making sure your case is resolved as expediently as possible. 

If you are a survivor of domestic violence, there are several civil and criminal options to protect yourself against further abuse. Restraining orders and protective orders can prove essential protecting you from future abuse. 
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