Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney
Contested Family Law Matters: 

Preventative & Protective Family Law Issues: 
• Post-Marital Agreements
• Cohabitation Agreements
• Custody Agreements

Family Creation:
• Gestational Agreements
• Surrogacy Agreements
• Step-Parent Adoption

San Antonio's Divorce Attorney

Even though it is extremely common, going through a divorce can be an extremely difficult time for you and your family. Divorce gets even more difficult when children are involved due to the issues of child custody and child support. Other issues may also come up when a divorce is contested.

If you have considered divorce, or if you and your spouse have agreed to divorce, it’s vital to make sure you have a divorce attorney on your side to make sure you are fairly represented. Whether you’re worried about going through a divorce with children or you want to ensure an equitable division of assets, The Law Office of Perkins & Janis can help you every step of the way. Call us today to schedule a consultation with The Law Office of Perkins & Janis. Our professional divorce attorneys are proud to serve residents of San Antonio, TX and nearby areas. 
Divorce Attorney in San Antonio, TX

How Our Divorce Attorneys Can Help

The divorce process in Texas can be complicated and arduous, but our divorce attorneys work hard to help you achieve the best outcomes for your case. Here are just a few of the steps we can help you with:

• Temporary Orders regarding child custody and child support; 
• Temporary Restraining Orders;
• Protective Orders;
• Mediation;
• Trial. 

Uncontested Divorce vs. Contested Divorces

At The Law Office of Perkins & Janis, our divorce attorneys strive to help families dealing with divorce matters. Typically, there are two types of divorce cases- uncontested and contested. During an uncontested divorce, the spouses involved can usually agree on topics surrounding the divorce and do not require the court to intervene to help come to a conclusion on how assets are divided and how child custody is split. These divorces tend to go through the system quickly as they are less complicated, and in turn, less of a financial burden.

During a contested divorce, spouses have a difficult time agreeing on certain aspects that come with the divorce including child custody and support, the division of assets, and the allocation of debts. These cases tend to take more time as the courts need to get involved, helping each party reach an agreement, and keeping the interests of the children involved in mind.

If you are looking for a family law attorney or divorce attorney in the San Antonio, TX area, rely on the team at The Law Office of Perkins & Janis. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions to Our Divorce Attorney

How long does the divorce process take?

The divorce process takes at least 60 days in Texas, but can be longer in more complex situations. The cooperation of your spouse and family and property issues can complicate the situation and extend the length of the process.  

What are the residency requirements for a divorce in Texas?

One party must have lived in the state of Texas for at least 6 months, and lived in the county where the suit is filed for the last 90 days. 

Do I have to prove the fault of the other spouse to get a divorce?

No, you do not have to prove fault to get a divorce in Texas. 

Is there such a thing as legal separation in the State of Texas?

No, there is no legal separation in Texas. 

Is common-law marriage recognized in Texas?

Yes. The parties must prove that the following: (1) The parties agreed to be married; (2) the parties lived together; (3) the parties hold out to others that they are married.

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